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Should you wish to place an order, please send us the following information to enable us to load you onto our system.

We will need the following…

  1. To whom should the invoice be made out too?
  2. The full delivery address?
  3. Name and contact number of a person that can be reached on the day of delivery?
  4. The size of the Skip required?
  5. Date of delivery?

Once we have received the relevant information, and Invoice will be sent to you as a client, please use this invoice number as reference when making payment, and be sure to send us the proof of payment to

No skips will be booked or released for delivery without proof of payment.

All orders need to be placed by 1pm the allow us to schedule delivery for the next day.


We have a 24 - 48 hour turnaround time on deliveries.
Deliveries can take place any time between 7am and 5pm and we cannot commit to any form of delivery time.
(If you have workers on site or renting TLB load the skip please book the delivery of the skip a day before work commences)
We will need 24 hours notice should the skip have to be replaced or removed from site.


All skips should only be filled level with the rim of the skip. If a skip is overloaded you as client will be responsible to remove any access rubble and a fee of R850 will be charged should the truck have to return to load the skip.
No skip will be placed unless the driver is informed where the bin needs to be placed. Drivers can only wait onsite for 20min. Should the contact person not be reachable on the time of delivery and the skip cannot be placed a no service fee of R850 will be charged and the skip scheduled for the next day.

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